Vet Advertising with a Vet SEO Expert

Building Your Brand

Consult with a Vet SEO expert that can help you boost your brand and build your online presence. 

SEO Services for Veterinary Clinics

  • Keyword research to find the best terms to optimize for
  • Content marketing to increase brand exposure and improve rankings
  • Vet SEO services that produce results
  • On and off page tactics that improve your search rankings

Advertising or SEO

When you do a search for anything on Google the results are a combination of paid advertising and organic results.  The top and the bottom are paid ads, while the middle (biggest part) of the page are all of the organic results.  If you are searching for a local business then within the organic results you will also find the map listings.  Within the map listings, Google includes the name, address, phone number, website and the reviews of the business.  Vet SEO Tiger specializes in getting you into that sweet spot. 

You may be wondering why you would bother with a long term SEO strategy when you could just pay to be at the top of the page.  First, there is nothing to stop you from doing both.  Second, organic search results convert better.  Research has shown that people searching trust the organic results better, they perceive the businesses that are there “earned” their placement.

Increasing Your Organic Reach

Advertising works best in conjunction with improving your Google rankings.  Many vet clinic owners rely too heavily on PPC (pay per click) advertising while overlooking their SEO efforts.  When it comes to PPC versus SEO and the rate of return on your investment, SEO wins hands down every time.  That being said your campaign can use a combination of the two until you have reached the first page for a sufficient amount of keywords.

Vet SEO Expert

How We Make that Happen

A vet SEO expert will sit down with you and discuss your marketing goals. The our team with put together a strategy for  SEO and paid advertising if you wish to do so.  These strategies will include extensive keyword research which is necessary for both organic and paid traffic.  Content marketing and providing rich, well written content optimized for your keywords will help in both aspects as well.  It helps to boost rankings and provide an excellent user experience.

Off page we make sure that your veterinary clinic is added to all local and industry specific directories.  We make sure that not only is the information accurate but that it shows visitors who you are, where to find you and why they should take their pets to your clinic.  We analyze the competition and make sure that your online presence outdoes theirs.  Link building is another tool we use albeit very cautiously.   We make sure that the links we build to your site are from well-respected and relevant sources.  Our goal is to create a brand that lasts, that positions you as the “go to” clinic in your community.   

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